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R7 Modified Motors ROAR Approved! -- R7 17.5 AND 13.5 Stock Spec ROAR Approved!

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  • R7 Rotor Group

    R7 Rotor Group

    Designed specifically for the R5, R6, and R7 540 sized Team Power Products 2 pole motors.  They have an 1/8" (3.175mm) shaft with engraved part number. Comes in protected tube...

  • TPP R7 Brushless Motor!

    Summer Race Season Sale 2024

    With the release of the R7 motor line, in January 2024, I have had the opportunity to make better deals with my motor components suppliers this year. After agreeing to...

  • R7 General Information

    R7 General Information

    ROAR Approved November 30, 2023 Each edition of my brushless sensored motors is a culmination of features from the models before it. The R7 edition continues this tradition with its...

  • R6-R5 Rotor Details and Uses

    Rotor dimensions are critical to performance. Unless you talk with an 'expert', use a 12.5mm rotor for best overall performance. Drag Race winds can benefit greatly for larger rotors but ask!...

  • Shock Rebound Tool

    Here are more pictures and suggestions on use of this handy tool. You can order one by clicking HERE. 1. The shock shaft is installed in one of the slots...

  • Using the TPP Spring Tester

    Using the TPP Spring Tester

    Here is a quick guide to use this multipurpose drill stand for testing your RC springs. The test rig can do more than thirty pounds, but the scale is suitable...

  • Limited Motor Classes

    Limited Motor Classes

    As classes progress at tracks in 2022, I am seeing more classes for Sprint Cars, Late Models, and MidWest Mod cars trending to winds such as 13.5 and 10.5 turn...

  • LiPo Sale through August 22!

    The lightweight 5100mAH shorty pack is ideal for 17.5, 13.5, and 10.5 race classes! Buy two through next Monday, get 25% off!