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USED Team Motors!

USED Team Motors!

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After testing, racing, and dyno work, I have a selection of USED team motors, 'TEST' and/or experimental team motors available for sale (some look new as they have dyno test only on them).

Being used/tested, they may have less than perfect cosmetic appearance and may have solder on its tabs (after all it has been in competition!)  but have had our detailed restore treatment:

  1. Complete disassembly and component inspection.
  2. Can and stator cleaned in ultrasonic cleaning bath.
  3. Rotor examined and tested to assure it meets specs.
  4. Stator tested for appropriate electrical resistance and balance.
  5. Bearings cleaned/lubricated OR replaced as necessary.
  6. Careful assembly, run on motor tester, and timing set to our specs for the wind.

All the used Team/Test motors are listed. If it is not listed, I currently do not have any available. All the motors are two pole, designed for 2S packs.

AND they come with a 10 day, no questions asked warranty! If you do not like the motor send it back for a full refund, minus shipping charges. You will be responsible for return shipping cost.

There are three families of motors as detailed here:

  • R3/3.1 - Second generation motor design.
  • R4.0 - Third generation of motor design. Chili Bowl 2019 & 2020 and Gold Cup 2019 winners as well as many wins in a variety of classes on many tracks. Winner in offroad, onroad, oval, dirt, carpet, etc. classes.
  • R5.0 - Fourth generation of motor design. Improved torque and RPM range compared to the R4.0 models. Many race wins all over the US, including several 2021 RC Chili Bowl classes. Winner in offroad, onroad, oval, dirt, carpet, etc. classes.