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Fans, Aluminum - 30mm

Fans, Aluminum - 30mm

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These high quality 30mm fans come with dual ball bearings and rigid CNC machined case specifically designed for RC racing. The permanent magnet motor was designed to be most efficient at 6v to 8.4v range which becomes very important when running hard at the end of a race. The fan produces great CFM air flow (28,000 RPM) even at low voltage to keep your battery voltage at its maximum and still provide the cooling for your motor. The fans use about 0.4 amps. If you need another 20 degree drop in temp over the 30mm fan, use my 40mm fan.

Four color combinations available. The cable is about 7" (175mm) in length. Overall dimensions: 30mm X 30mm X 10mm. Weight: 13.5g (a fan made entirely of plastic are about 10g).

These will ship USPS First Class Mail in a padded envelope if ordered separately.

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