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Bob 'Bullet' Light has passed away.

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Bob "Bullet" Light Tribute May 21 2024

Bob "Bullet" Light Tribute May 21 2024

Mark Fulton |

Bob "Bullet" Light passed away Saturday May 18, 2024 from complications due to his cancer fight.


There are many happy stories about Bob, but they are overshadowed now by his death. Through Bob we found out what 'fast' was, how to be tenacious to win a race against obstacles, and how to humbly carry yourself when you know you have more talent than anyone in almost every race he participated in. These are the lessons I learned from Bob. Bob will be missed.
For the RC community at large, especially in the SouthWest, Bob was generally the 'fastest guy in town' wherever he raced. Starting with archaic RC cars on floors of polished concrete, Bob was very difficult to beat everywhere he went. You can learn about his racing career in the following link:

I knew Bob starting in late 1980s, as I was learning about racing RC cars. After a few years, I started Power Products, and Bob was tired of constant travel for Trinity (as well as working his own graphics business), and he joined my small team along with James Brown and Gary OBrien. As a team, we did not slow down much, but Bob enjoyed the racing much more without the pressure from the national racing scene. Bob was fun to be around, and with his quiet sense of humor, the team had a lot of great times. Bob could also be superstitious at times especially when related to green items around his race cars; a lot of funny stories (maybe not at the time!) occurred as we traveled to many race tracks.
After I returned to RC racing (life has a way of defining what you do!) in 2017, Bob was still the "Bullet", and I again connected with Bob (and with many others) in this sport. I forgot how much I missed this sport and what Bob had taught me about racing and life.
Mark Fulton

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