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Rocket Products Fan Mount Only

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From Rocket Products, this selection are the individual parts should you need them for the Rocket Products fan mount system. No hardware is included with these individual parts. Designed to fit Team Power Products aluminum fans (available at extra cost).

  • Fan Mount - This is the part to which the fan is secured and has the integrated velocity stack.
  • Base Mount - This part attaches directly to the car. The Fan Mount is attached with screws to this Base Mount.

Model Notes:

  1. Custom Works Outlaw - Tested and fitted for Outlaw 4 only, may work with others, we have not the opportunity to test except for CW Outlaw 4. Works with all Triple P Chassis upgrades. Also works with GFRP cars.
  2. Custom Works Outlaw - Tested and fitted for Outlaw 5 only, may work with others which use the CW5 rear suspension setup.
  3. Custom Works Rocket 4 LM (mid-motor) - Tested and ready. Choose the same model as for Outlaw 4 in either 30mm or 40mm models.
  4. GFRP: Choose the Custom Works Outlaw 4 Model. The CW4 kit also has what you need for the GFRP.
  5. F5: Designed for original chassis models. Choose the 'Associated' model for cars using B6.1 and later transmissions which have the 'waterfall' brace removed.
  6. Associated - If you have an Associated based car (like Velocity) which uses the Associated Transmission (B6.1 & later) WITHOUT the 'waterfall' brace, then this is the kit you want.