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Motiv Lipo Shorty Packs

Motiv Lipo Shorty Packs

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All LiPo battery packs must ship either UPS ground or USPS Parcel Select. NO EXCEPTIONS! Using any other service will delay shipment.

Motive 'Fat Shorty' HV 8200mAH Graphene 2S Pack: We have been hammering this BIG pack style in testing; it is only 95.1mm in length (standard Shorty) with a height of 35.4mm (about 44% taller than a normal 2S Pack), and width of 46mm. Gives a lot of latitude in moving forward and back for weight distribution in car. This pack requires big cells (and more cells I assume) to reach this high capacity. Use 5mm bullets.
SPECS: 295 grams (Ave), 2S, 100C, 7.6v, 62.3WH.
NOTE: Not a ROAR approved pack. Eligible for use at RC Chili Bowl!

Reminder: Please charge, discharge, and handle all LiPo packs with care. Read and follow the Safety Instructions included with every pack before use. These are RACE packs, no warranty! Contact Motiv RC.

LiPo packs is the 'steam' which pushes the power to the 'heart' (motor) of your race car! And I take great care in the sourcing and testing these packs under race conditions.

Finding quality companies to produce 'race cells' for packs has been difficult, and have a great partner company who knows what is needed. Quality construction is the key!

Unlike other companies, I test the packs before they are sold to justify them being called a race pack!