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Cable, Ultraflexible Silicone Jacket

Cable, Ultraflexible Silicone Jacket

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This high performance cabling specifically for RC use. Perfect for connecting packs and motors. Each set include one red and one black wire in the length you specify.

  • 10 AWG silicone wire - super flexible 1050 strands
  • 12 AWG silicone wire - super flexible 680 strands
  • Tinned copper wire, the copper strands are tinned, protecting them from corrosion and making it easier to solder.
  • They are constructed with premium silicone rubber insulation. High temperature resistance 200 degree C, Low temperature resistance, when in extreme cold -60 degree C. Rated Voltage: 600 volts.

These wires are super flexible due to the many strands of wire, but the larger wire is more difficult to position and solder as well as a small weight penalty.

I recommend using the 12ga wires for all off road, on road, and oval classes, up through 5.0 2 pole and all 540 sized 4 pole motors. Even the low power classes, such as 17.5, can benefit using 12ga wire. When racing 1/8 scale 4 pole motors (42mm OD), 12ga should work great for off road buggies with the lower KV motors (1950KV and lower).

10ga cabling is for 5.5 through 2.5 turn 2 pole motors used in drag racing when ultra low resistance is of paramount importance. May be useful when racing 4 pole 1/8th scale oval motors (42mm OD) on big tracks or off road Truggies.

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