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Tire Adhesive (Tire Mounting Glue) 1 Ounce Bottle
Tire Adhesive (Tire Mounting Glue) 1 Ounce Bottle
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tire Adhesive (Tire Mounting Glue) 1 Ounce Bottle
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tire Adhesive (Tire Mounting Glue) 1 Ounce Bottle

Tire Adhesive (Tire Mounting Glue) 1 Ounce Bottle

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I attempt to always bring the best products for your RC needs, and I now have what I consider the best tire glue for rubber tires to plastic rimmed wheels in the business. The viscosity is selected specifically for fast penetration without making a big mess.

I purchase direct and have bottled at one of the largest cyanoacrylate ethyl ('super glue') manufactures in the USA.  I purchase frequent, small batches and keep my stock refrigerated for best life until you buy it! This is not a relabel of another brand but a purchase direct from the manufacturer. This is a full 1 ounce size, not the half filled bottles other inferior brands sell at the same price or more! 

The bottle caps are the 'pin' design; when the cap is replaced, a pin inside the cap top closes the bottle tip tightly, keeping the glue fresh for a long time and the bottle neck clear. Tip: Store the glue in the refrigerator (place the glue bottle in a zip up sandwich bag, you do not want to smell up your refrigerator or the food inside!) until needed and then warm up to room temp before use, keeps the glue fresher for a longer time.

Comes with one long neck tip extender ('pollywog extender tip') to place this 'super glue' exactly where you want it. Tip: If you use a 1" long sewing pin (get one with a large head) to clean the glue out of the long neck tip extender after you are done, this long neck tip extender will last a long time (clean the pin well when done). I do keep plenty of the long neck tip extender in stock if you want more (CLICK HERE). Add the optional bulk packs when you buy the tire glue!

You can find the data sheet here: CLICK

The numbers indicate the measured viscosity (Centipoise - cps), with the smaller numbers being the thinnest (5 cps is almost water!) where 500 is a true medium. See chart below for approximate comparisons:

 Part Number Example
TPP-5TG Like water (Ultra Thin) - Makes gluing DE Sprint tires to rims much easier and consistent. Mount the tire completely, making sure tire in seated well into wheel. Then apply a bead of TPP-5TG. Will wrap completely around tire bead without having to lift the tire edge for maximum penetration. Use extender tips for accurate placement of glue.
TPP-45TG SAE 10wt Motor Oil (Very Thin) - Great for gluing tires in temperatures below 50 degrees. Use extender tips for accurate dispensing.
TPP-150TG SAE 20wt Motor Oil (Thin) - This is the desired viscosity for gluing up all 2.2" tires to rims. Fast drying with balanced thickness for ease of installation and maximum holding power during a wide variety of temperatures.
TPP-300TG SAE 30wt Motor Oil (Medium Thin) - Ideal for gluing edges of carbon fiber chassis to prevent edge damage. Thick enough to stay attached and not run down chassis, making a mess. Dries fast.
TPP-500TG SAE 40wt Motor Oil (Medium) - Great overall viscosity for gluing heavy parts together. Slow to run, medium dry time.