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Using the TPP Spring Tester

Using the TPP Spring Tester

Mark Fulton |

Here is a quick guide to use this multipurpose drill stand for testing your RC springs. The test rig can do more than thirty pounds, but the scale is suitable for 10th scale testing (up to 11 pounds). If you are buying a complete kit from me, I test all the components as well as test springs on the provided new scales. There may be some scratches do to my assembly and testing!

1. Unbox the units and assemble the stand as shown in their instructions. Pictures below will give you more details on what it should look like.  
2. Install the RP-5000 adapter in the head, the protrusion down as shown in pictures below.
3. The hex driver is in the bolt which controls the height of the entire head assembly. Lower this head Towards the bottom of the stand.
4.The hex driver is in the 'stop' assembly. Adjusting this up and down will set the minimum height of the stand as you pull the handle down. This gives you consistent readings.
5. This gage on the side is also handy if you do not use the bottom stop. Gives you the amount you are compressing the spring.
6. Place batteries in scale. Add the scales to the base. The four feet will fit in the slots in the base of the drill stand.
7. Turn on scale by press the right hand top button. Use the 'Unit' button to cycle to 'LB:OZ'.
8. Place spring to test under adapter (on protrusion). Adjust the top head bolt (#3 above) so the adapter ALMOST touches the spring and tighten. Notice the weight of spring on scale is shown.
9. Press the 'Tare' button to zero scale with spring.
10. Press the spring down with the long handle very slowly; the spring will be compressed quite tightly, but not bottomed out to obtain scale rating. I am testing new Custom Works Long Yellow Springs (5 pound rating). Adjust bottom of spring so it stays straight as you compress it. These are very consistent when new and will read very close to 5 pounds. Set the bottom stop (see #4 above) at this point so you can always come to the same height or use the ruler (see #5).
11. This new spring is rated at 5 pounds, and tests to 5 pound 1 ounce. I use this spring to verify setup for comparing more springs. If you change spring length, start over from #8 above.

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