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Shock Rebound Tool

Mark Fulton |

Here are more pictures and suggestions on use of this handy tool. You can order one by clicking HERE.

1. The shock shaft is installed in one of the slots in the tool. Each slot has a different amount of thickness which corresponds to how much 'rebound' you want to have in this shock rebuild. The amount of rebound will be determined by your experience. If this is the first time setting consistent rebound, use one of the middle slots.

Assemble the shock with appropriate oil, install cap, open your bleed screw. If you do not have a bleed screw, you will have to leave the cap loose. Install the shock tool as shown in the appropriate slot with shaft fully extended. It will be messy as you proceed!

2. Now slowly push the shaft into the shock body. Oil will be coming out of the bleed hole (or around the cap) as you push up the shaft.

3. Make sure the shaft is fully inserted into the shock body and there is no clearance left between the tool and shock body. Tighten the bleed screw and remove the tool.

4. You are now done with the first shock!

Using this method will assure each shock will have consistent rebound every time you service them. Being consistent in building shocks is one of the steps in producing a well handling car. Now check your spring rates (use my tool by clicking HERE).

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