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Summer Heat 2022

Summer Heat 2022

Mark Fulton |

We are starting to see some heat in South Central US and racers need to think how it will affect their equipment and races.

  1. I am a motor guy and the first thing I think of is heat dissipation from the motors! Always run a fan system (if space allows, consider moving to a 40mm fan). Keep temp below 160 degrees after a run.
  2. Make sure your temp gun has fresh batteries and is ready to use. The motor's hottest point is the timing end.
  3. Watch your timing and gearing on your motor. You may need to reduce teeth count on the pinion during hot months (or increase spur gear teeth count).
  4. Watch the heat on your ESC (directly related to the motor gearing). Using a lot of brakes, especially offroad racing, will heat up the ESC too. Use the internal data of your ESC. Record this data for future races.
  5. Your power source (LiPo pack) also needs some tender care. Change the bullet connectors (or your Dean's Plug, XT60, etc.) if they are loose fitting in the pack. Take a close look at your solder connections and make sure they are good (wiggle the wires to confirm good connection).
  6. Your LiPo packs like heat for best performance, so you will see better battery output. But if the outside of the pack is more than warm to the touch after charging, reduce your charge rate (the rule of thumb of 2C charge rate is a good think to remember). After the race, if the pack is very hot, think about your gearing and motor timing, they may be too high for the outside temp.

Everyone, have a great summer race season. Hope to see you at the track!

Mark A Fulton

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