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iCharger Initial Setup & Control Use

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Mark Fulton |

From my perspective, when you consider yourself a 'fast' RC racer (lots of test laps, good grasp of car tuning skills) and have moved out of the starting or beginning classes, one of the tools you need to upgrade to take your racing to the next level is an iCharger LiPo Charge system. All iChargers require a purchase of an external power supply (a 75a, 12v model is good for 2S packs, (get the optional USB connector); if you are doing 1/8th scale racing with 3S or 4S packs, buy a 75a, 24v power supply) OR you can use a 12v car battery for 2S in a pinch (12v car battery will work slowly for 3S,4S but I do not recommend it).

I have purchased, tested, and have in my LiPo test lab almost every iCharger model made as well as almost every accessory for them (I am not a dealer). More than 4 years of experience in their use and the analysis of the LiPo packs they charge. They are rugged (keep out of water!), and accurate out of the box. They can charge every battery pack ever used in RC racing including small LiPo (for receivers/radios), Ni-Cad included. Every model has more than 200 different settings available to tweak your charge cycle and will discharge at 2a out of the box (and can discharge at 40a with accessories). They can do a charge/discharge/charge cycle for special circumstances (with more equipment). You can upgrade their firmware for every model.

The downside to every iCharger model is the instructions used for setup and use. The online instruction pages go into such detail that it will make your eyes water before you are done, and you STILL don't know where to start or how to use the controls.

I have big projects in work now and with my employee temporarily absent, special motors, telephone, messaging, etc. are keeping me swamped. But within the next week, I will develop a document you can use to get your initial setup done and how to use the controls on the X5 and X6 models being confused about what to do first. More models later. Stay tuned!



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