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Selling Motors

Selling Motors

Mark Fulton |

I am just a small producer of sensored brushless motors used in 1/10th scale RC racing classes. While I sell for many different types of RC race cars, I am known by those who like to race on dirt surfaces, and in many cases, it ends up being oval tracks. My motors have done quite well due to the 'fast guys' liking how my motors respond smoothly to their sensitive 'trigger fingers' as well as the motors having that big punch when you need it.

There is a reason my motors have a big following even though I am not one of the quantity sellers of RC power. Quite simply, I treat every motor as a special build for a racer who is competing for a championship. My commitment to this simple statement means every motor's component is verified and assembled to make it a solid performer. Every motor is then tested and tuned based on its wind, no cookie cutter setups.

It is no secret but the major manufacturers are ready to sell you motor built to a specification, and usually at a price lower than my standard 'Race Ready' editions. But Team Power Products motor will give you the opportunity to be more than competitive out of the box. Try one , you will like it!


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