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Team Power Products Warranty Policy

Mark Fulton |

For the past several years, I have handled any product issues on a case by case basis. When there was an issue, I handled it quickly, and the few with issues seem satisfied with the results. With my products now being sold in the North East and South East US as well as a few in the Pacific Northwest, a formal warranty policy is needed.
Starting April 1, 2019, a standard policy much like other manufacturers but with an additional safety net if the unexpected happens, will be fully in effect (click the 'Warranty' link at the bottom of each page for the full warranty statement and recourse). In essence, as these are competition products, and are used very hard in race vehicles at speed, there is no warranty beyond the fact I will deliver an error free product; after delivery you will be responsible for any damage, etc.
I talked about a 'safety net' and I am happy to provide a feature that very few manufacturers provide. If anything happens the first year with your Team Power Products motor or battery, I will replace it with new at a discount of 35% off the retail price at the time of claim. This 'Damaged/Crash Replacement Program' is good 1 year from date of purchase and requires a readable receipt with the date (one replacement per the item on the invoice). If you have purchased direct through the web site, please give the date of purchase, and I can verify it. Valid only for the original purchaser. I do reserve the right to not honor this program if a person abuses it, such as requesting multiple battery packs during the year because you have burned a terminal (you need to fix the issue in your car!).
Again, I hope you achieve you goals in your racing program. I will be pleased to provided the 'go fast tools' to you to achieve those goals!

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