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LiPo Charger

LiPo Charger

Mark Fulton |

Many LiPo questions are centered on what charger to use. After testing/using more than twenty types in the last three years, I have some suggestions.
When starting the hobby, you want something that works, and is easy to use. I suggest any HiTec model which says it is an AC/DC charger, which means you can plug it into normal electrical socket and you are ready to go. This setup reduces the number of components you need in your pit box and they charge all the current packs on the market. In order of price:
  1. HiTec RDX1 Mini AC
  2. HiTec RDX1 AC
  3. HiTec X2 AC Plus
  4. HiTec Power Peak E7
If you are now considering racing at out of town tracks or simply moving to faster classes and higher skill level, your choice is narrowed down to one brand in my opinion: iCharger! This requires a GOOD external power source for AC use or may be plugged directly to any DC source 14-24v (review the individual charger specs). iCharger systems will charge, maintain, keep your LiPo packs in shape for a long time and will charge some packs other charger systems simply can not do well, especially as the packs age. They have many options which can be intimidating at first, but many people can help you set them up if you get lost (I am well versed in iCharger, and use them exclusively for all testing in my pack lab). Here are my recommended models in ascending order of price (even the lowest price model has ALL the features of the most expensive models, just not the ability to handle several packs at high currents):
  1. iCharger X6 Single
  2. iCharger X8 Single
  3. iCharger 308 Duo
  4. iCharger 406 Duo
  5. iCharger 4010 Duo
You will need a power supply; if you are using 2S packs, you will not go wrong with RL Power power supplies, which come in several amp rated models and features such as USB charge ports (75 amp is more than enough for 2S at 12v; you will need to look elsewhere for a power supply if you are charging 3S-6S LiPo as you need 24 volts).

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