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Team Builds For R5 Motors

Team Builds For R5 Motors

Mark Fulton |

The option to turn any standard R5 motor into a Bob 'Bullet' Light team edition has been very popular. Besides careful component selection, close tolerance assembly, and testing until I can deliver the best in performance, there are other reasons to use this option:

  1. Free Replacement of steel bearings (one free replacement every year using Japanese ABEC 5 bearings)
  2. Discount for Ceramic bearing replacements
  3. Free retune any time, for life of motor
  4. Free clean and service anytime, for life of motor
  5. Free sensor board replacement (one per year, if required only)
  6. I will pay for return shipping via USPS First Class Package (with tracking)

The 'fine print'!

  • Does not apply to the Drag motor winds.
  • Only for original owner, must have invoice number of original sale (Please email me at info@teampowerproducts.com with approximate date and name of purchaser, I will attempt to find it in my records).
  • Motor must not have been modified and must have the special 'Bullet' decals and orange cover. Overheated motors which have signs of dripping solder or dark/shorted windings are evidence of overheat and are not eligible for free repair.
  • You are responsible for shipment to me (USPS or UPS is best for me). Address: Team Power Products, 340 S. Vermont Avenue, Suite 129, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
  • Please email tracking number with invoice number and original purchaser when sending motor.


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