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Summer Race Season Sale 2024

TPP R7 Brushless Motor!

Mark Fulton |

With the release of the R7 motor line, in January 2024, I have had the opportunity to make better deals with my motor components suppliers this year. After agreeing to a commitment to buy in larger quantities, my direct costs have decreased (freight is still very high!).

Throughout the 2024 summer race season (starting about March 10) and beyond (depending on how freight and direct costs go this year), new lower pricing will be in force! Currently this applies only to the modified line of motors; Stock Spec will be a little later this year. See below. Direct link to R7 motor HERE.

In addition, I have split all the motors into three series to have them ready for same day shipping (sometimes the Team Series take an extra day). The Comp Series and Team Series has a helpful selector built in to assist with decisions for the best rotor group for the wind:

  1. R7 Race Series: This is the workhorse of the motors, the standard motor which has won many series and races. Still every motor is tuned before shipping. Perfect out of the box! Price now $99.99, old price $125.
  2. R7 Comp Series: This series gives you more options to tune the wind if you need to. Many rotor options are available and under each wind description (make sure you review this valuable information!) you will have my own personal suggestions on what to choose. You must choose a rotor option before putting in your cart. Base price is $115.00, max price is $129.00 depending on rotor selection. An upgrade to hybrid ceramic bearings (Speed Secret brand) is optional and extra cost.
  3. R7 Nathan Dean Team Series: This is still the top of the line where I apply all the 'tricks' I know using the best hand-picked combination of rotor, stator, and sensor. This series is $149.99; pricing includes any rotor you wish I have in stock (I will have the rotor group which works best for a particular wind to assist with your selection.  An upgrade to hybrid ceramic bearings (Speed Secret brand) is optional and extra cost.

Click HERE to arrive at the R7 collection!

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