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R7 Modified Motors ROAR Approved! -- R7 17.5 AND 13.5 Stock Spec ROAR Approved!

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R7 General Information

R7 General Information

Mark Fulton |

ROAR Approved November 30, 2023

Each edition of my brushless sensored motors is a culmination of features from the models before it. The R7 edition continues this tradition with its release by adding enhanced cooling efficiency and a tweak to the 'Dense Core' stator design! My motors are well known for their smooth throttle response, and these two enhancements are another progression in usability for the racer! The R7 Pro Series Modified motors are now ready to make your race experience a winning one for 2024 and beyond! Check for details HERE!

Ordering Info:

  • More efficient cooling area design compared to R5-R6 motors.
  • More efficiency and 10 degrees cooler running than before.
  • New 'Dense Core 1.5' stator architecture.
  • Light weight motor structure using aluminum in the can design.
  • The motors come with premium NSK R2ZZ steel bearings: 3.125mm ID, 9.525mm OD, 3.967mm wide.
  • All motors come with new sensor cable, TPP decal, and Internet links to assist setup of the motor.
  • The special "Outlaw" 10.5MWM & 13.5TEX Outlaw winds are in the R7 Modified motor section. Not approved for ROAR sanctioned events.

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