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R6-R5 PRO Series Modified Motor Details!

R6-R5 PRO Series Modified Motor Details!

Mark Fulton |

The R5 model changes how the can is designed and how it is cooled. The can is black for best heat rejection and more of the stator is in direct contact with the can to radiate the heat more effectively. Even with the extra can area, the motor weighs just 151g on average. The R6 will have even more improvements; check back! More details below in Use Chart.
PLEASE NOTE: The number one discussion a racer has with me is the R5 running hot. A new racer to the R5 typically gears the same as their other motors without regard to what the R5 wants for gearing. EXPECT to reduce the teeth number on your pinion by at least three teeth (for example, if you typically run a 30 tooth pinion, use a 27 for your initial testing). Do this, and run a fan, you will see great performance from the R5. The following chart is a suggestion only!


KV Rating: Tested on Motolyser and will vary by rotor size and type installed (all motors tested with 12.5mm rotor diameter). These are actual average values as tested.


*Timing/OAR: Suggested starting point (Monitor temp!). Use motor checker to confirm timing. Will depend on intended use, track size, and OAT!
 Wind Rotor (Std/Opt) Use KV

*Can Timing

3.0 12.5/13.0/13.5 Drag 11300
3.5 12.5/13.0/13.5 Drag 9600
4.0 12.5/13.0 Drag 8400
4.5 12.5/13.0 Drag 8050
5.0 12.5/13.0 Drag/Drag 7700 21
5.5 12.5/12.3/12.0 Oval/Drag 7100 25 10.40
6.0 12.5/12.3/12.0 Oval/Offroad 6700 33 9.50
6.5 12.5/12.3/12.0 Oval/Offroad 6100 32 9.50
7.0 12.5/12.3 Oval/Offroad 5700 34 9.16
7.5 12.5/12.3 Oval/Offroad 5550 36 8.74
8.0 12.5 Oval/Offroad 5300 39 8.42
8.5 12.5 Oval/Offroad 5200 39 8.32
9.0 12.5 Oval/Offroad 4700 39 8.32
9.5 12.5 Oval/Offroad 4400 39 8.32
10.5WMW 12.5 Oval/Offroad 4200 38 8.10
13.5TEX 12.5 Oval/Offroad 3400 44
10.5 Spec 12.5 Spec Oval/Offroad 4650 46
13.5 Spec 12.5 Spec Oval/Offroad 3700 46
17.5 Spec 12.5 Spec Oval/Offroad 3000 48
21.5 Spec 12.5 Spec Oval/Onroad 2500 46
25.5 Spec 12.3 Spec Onroad 2000 46


One year of work with three redesigns finally allows release of the new Team Power Products R5 PRO Series ROAR Modified motors. Currently available in the Team Power Products exclusive 13.5TEX and 10.5 MWM specials plus the typical 9.5 through 3.0 winds (added several new winds!), this new family of motors produces more linear torque than the previous R3.0, R3.1, and R4 designs. Considerable engineering costs devoted to its development makes the R5 a premium line of 540 sized brushless/sensored motors for those who compete at the highest levels of the sport.

All motors (stock spec and modified) use two steel ball bearings: 9.525mm OD, 3.967mm width, 3.175mm ID. The motor shaft size is 1/8" (3.175mm).

In the modified list there are two special variants:
13.5TEX (P/N R50-135TEX): I built a special non-ROAR spec motor for an individual two years ago for a special race. And since that time I have had many requests for this very special, high torque 13.5. This is achieved with the insertion and setup of a modified rotor just for this purpose. THIS WILL NEVER BE A ROAR SPEC APPOVED MOTOR, but for those races or tracks which are non-specific about this motor, this is the one to have. You can confirm this model by looking at rotor part number on shaft. The part number begins with 'TPP55'. This motor is found in the 'R5 PRO Modified Series' section.
10.5MWM (P/N R50-105): Originally built for a one off race but it has turned into a popular wind. This motor is legal as a ROAR modified motor and has a special stator as well as rotor. Very competitive with lower turn motors on some tracks! Motor is marked as 'Modified' on the can and will have a rotor part number beginning with 'TPP55'. This motor is found in the 'R5 PRO Modified Series' section.
There were three areas of improvement I wanted to achieve with the evolving motor line from Team Power Products:
  1. Again, another increase in rigidity of motor can: the R3.0 and R3.1 motors were three piece designs, the best I thought I could do at the time. The R4 PRO Series motors are a two piece construction, allowing better control of the rotor during high rpm and heavy acceleration. The R5 PRO Series can is still two piece like the R4, but with a better retention system. With the upset forged can design, the forward (shaft side) of the motor is one piece, no fasteners needed to hold a cap or endbell in place. The timing end is integrated into the motor structure with four flush screws instead of three long screws going through the stator.
  2. Totally new stator design is the best I have; I call it my 'Dense Core' design! There are no internal slots in the stator, and the outside diameter of the stator has no 'troughs' to affect the magnetic field (elimination of the long through screws holding the can together allows this improvement). With the new stator comes new rotors; their average gauss has increased by 2% on average compared to the R4 motor.
  3. Updated timing circuit board to allow the three Hall Effect transistors to be attached around the circumference of the board, rather than radially. Better timing accuracy is the result.
  4. I now have five sizes of rotors available for the modified winds (12.0mm, 12.3mm, 12.5mm, 13.0mm, and 13.5mm). Each have a purpose:
    • 12.5mm - The most drivable rotor with good torque for most tracks and conditions. The 'standard' ROAR rotor size. Recommended starting point for ALL motors.
    • 12.0mm - The smallest option rotor I have. It has a specific purpose: high speed on large smooth tracks or extra slippery tracks, (low grip). Can work with low wind motors to reduce torque but have high top end. Requires re-gearing and re-timing to assure motor cooling.
    • 12.3mm - More traditional of the smaller option rotors, more torque than the 12.0mm rotor. If you need the high speed of 7.0, 7.5, 6.5, 6.0, and 5.5 motors but need lower torque to keep from blowing tires away during cornering, then this rotor is the ticket. Requires re-gearing and re-timing to assure motor cooling.
    • 13.0mm - Option rotor best used in 5.0, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, and 3.0 drag motors. Have tested them in higher wind modified motors on oval tracks with good results. This rotor out torques the 12.5mm rotor by a large margin, will need to use the ESC to add timing as the car speeds up for best results. Requires re-gearing and re-timing to assure motor cooling.
    • 13.5mm - Monster torque in option rotors! The airgap is just .5mm (about 0.020"), which really puts the torque to the road! Definite loss of top end unless you use the ESC to bring timing in as RPM increases. Use this rotor for drag racing in 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, and 3.0 motors. Requires re-gearing and re-timing to assure motor cooling.

As with all motors used in competition, use a high velocity fan to keep that baby cool! Watch your gearing and timing; these two factors contributes the most to motor life. The contactless IR temp gun is a must in your box to tune the motor. Max running temp is 160 degrees F! More info about tuning are in my blogs!

These motor editions have been winning races since the introduction of the R3.0 motor in late 2017. The R5 PRO Series motor has the drivable torque and top end needed to win races with the smoothness to deliver fine throttle control for an easy drive!
Standard Features:
•CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum One Piece Can and Upgraded Timing Assembly Endbell
•Two Color Anodized Can
•High Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Torque
•Thick High Power Solder Tabs
•High RPM precision ABEC5 Ball Bearing from NMB Japan
•Removable/Replaceable Rotor
•Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet
•Precision Engineered for Maximum Power Output
•Adjustable Timing
•Compatible with any Sensored/ Sensorless ESC
•Silicon steel sheet for Stator Laminations made by Japan Kawasaki
•Top quality UH magnets for Rotor
•Aluminum Can Shell Manufactured with CNC machines

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