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LiPo Checker

LiPo Checker

Mark Fulton |

Knowing your pack’s voltage is a regular maintenance item whether you are preparing to race, preparing to store, or need a quick check of the pack after a race.

Checking the pack voltage just after you have removed the car from track is an important tuning aid as it helps with gearing and timing of your motor. Generally, after you remove the pack from the car, you can simply connect to the charger and read the voltage. But like many racers, you are already charging for the next race or class and this option is not available.

This is why the Team Power Products LiPo Checker is the perfect tool. Just plug it in and read the total voltage and each cell’s voltage (up to eight cell (8S) packs). You can find them HERE!

How to use:

  1. Obtain or make a charge cable for your connecting wiring to LiPo Checker (I have several versions in stock for 2S packs at extra cost).
  2. Attach the auxiliary cell connector (the small white connector) to the LiPo checker (with checker face up, the negative wire connects to the left most pin on checker (see Figure 1)).
      Figure 1
  1. Connect the other end of the small wire to the pack. This wire may be any color and is the center wire of the three wires in a 2S pack (the blue wire as shown in Figure 1).
  2. Connect the main positive and negative wires to pack. A short sound from the unit will be sent, and then LiPo Checker will start cycling through the total voltage as well as each cell’s voltage (see Figure 2).
      Figure 2
  3. If the buzzer sounds continuously: There is a built in buzzer which sounds if you have a cell with low voltage. In most uses, you want to set this to off:
    • With pack connected, push the micro button on the end as shown in picture (see Figure 3). This will silence the sound.
    • Continue to push the button to cycle the voltage setting until you see the word ‘OFF’.
    • Unplug the pack; you now have the buzzer set by default not to sound for low cell voltage. When you plug the pack back in for more checking, the buzzer will remain off until changed again by starting at step 4a.
        Figure 3
  1. If you see only one cell voltage being displayed, you connected the two large wires first and then the small sensor wire. Unhook tester from pack, plug in small wire first, and then the two power wires.

OK, you are ready to check LiPo packs when you need to without having to fire up your charger. Handy to have to monitor your packs which is a good reason to have several in your pit box.

Full Specs:

  • Used on 1-8s LiPo/LiMn/Li-Fe Packs
  • Voltage Protect Precision: + 0.01v
  • Unit Display Range: 0.5-4.5v
  • Total Display Range: 0.5-36v
  • 1S Test Mode Voltage Range: 3.7 - 30v
  • Low Voltage Alarm For: 2S-8S
  • Alarm Voltage Range: OFF - 2.7-3.8v

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