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R5 Big Torque

R5 Big Torque

Mark Fulton |

I have talked about this before, but I get feedback and questions about R5 tuning a lot.

I have said before I have a different philosophy about the current design of brushless motors as used by every manufacturer in 1/10th scale racing. Because we have such tunable ESC models in the past three years, I make an effort to build in as much mechanical torque into the R5 motors that I can. I do this by eliminating any unnecessary cutouts, slots (except as dictated by ROAR rules), screws transversing the can, and using the maximum number of stator plates at maximum width. With the R5 high gauss rotors, you will have standard winds with very aggressive torque value but still smooth, controllable acceleration.

When tracks do not support this big torque, then the team racers use the ESC to 'tame' and delay the onset of the torque and then deliver the drive for easy use.

Another of the effects of the R5 design is what you need when it comes for a wind for your racing. Almost every Team Power Products motor racer buys one wind lower in modified classes compared to other brands. By this I mean if you are using a 6.5 in other brands, choose a R5 7.5 when purchasing a new one from me. If you want more linear power, go with an 'even' wind such as a R5 7.0 instead of a 6.0 wind from other manufacturers. In stock spec racing buy the wind as specified by the rules; although they also have the extra torque, you need as much power as you can get in these low power classes. There is no substitute for more magnetic field in these 'small' motors!

One more thing. R5 does not need max timing to have great top end speed in normal oval/offroad racing. In modified racing most motors are tuned with 35 or less degrees of timing; you do not need more (otherwise you just generate excessive heat).

Have a great 2022 race season!

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