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Limited Motor Classes

Limited Motor Classes

Mark Fulton |

As classes progress at tracks in 2022, I am seeing more classes for Sprint Cars, Late Models, and MidWest Mod cars trending to winds such as 13.5 and 10.5 turn motors with the idea that these car classes will be more competitive for a broader range of racer skill levels. And may reduce average cost as less damage is done at the lower speeds (in theory).

As these limited motor classes mature, and at some tracks there are no open motor classes for the 'fast guys', the limited motor classes become populated with a much wider racer skill set. At big races it is handled by seeding rounds to do a racer pre-sort so similar skilled racers race together. At the local event, the skill set will be wider in every heat.

And there is a gradual price increase as this class matures as a racer is always wanting to be 'more competitive' than the next racer. I think I have among the best 13.5 and 10.5 oval specific winds available (such as 10.5MWM and 13.5TEX models), but the key to going fast in these classes is more than the 'fastest motor':

  1. Small motors dragging around the same weight the car had when racing in open classes become a real problem as competition increases. While there are weight minimums for most classes, it can take a $100 bill to buy enough titanium or other lightweight alloys to get some cars to the minimum, with below minimum weight as the goal. If the car is under weight the smart racer can now add weight where it is needed and still be legal.
  2. In open classes with that monster horsepower, good quality steel bearings throughout the car are great as they are rugged in dirty environments. Limited motor classes need friction reduction to be faster. This means ceramic bearings throughout the car (maybe even the motor bearings) and constant maintenance to keep them clean. I suspect you will add about $80 for this update.

My point is be prepared to add funds to your car as you race these limited motor classes. Then when the 'sharks' come in from out of town, you will be ready to compete!

You may find my 'special' outlaw 13.5 and 10.5 motors below. Choose the 12.5mm rotor for best results!:



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