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Papa Willys Traxion Tonic

Papa Willys Traxion Tonic

Mark Fulton |

Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic

Team Power Products is not the manufacturer of this traction compound. The information, recommended application, and instructions are from their web site. For the most current information on how to use or precautions to follow, see their website at https://papawillys.net or their Facebook page. 


Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic is a blend of chemicals that enhances the traction on RC car tires.

    • Keep away from any ignition source.
    • Do not take internally. IF exposed or concerned: Get medical advice/attention. Rinse mouth. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: seek medical advice immediately.
    • Do not use in eyes. Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes if splashed. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Obtain medical attention if pain, blinking, or redness persist.
    • Avoid contact with skin. May cause skin irritation. Clean affected area with water, do not contact contaminated clothing.
    • Keep away from children.
    • By purchasing this product, the user assumes all liability associated with use or miss-use of this product.

      Product Description

    • PINK - Papa Willy’s Pink Watermelon is our newest addition to the Traxion Tonic lineup for rubber tires. Our Pink formula is becoming a winning favorite across the country as our Team Drivers have placed it on the podium time and time again during our testing. Because of the unique blend, Pink does not dry as quickly as our other Tonics and works well when paired with our Clear Tonic.

    To use:
    Apply Papa Willy’s Pink Watermelon directly to clean tires. Pink Tonic works best when applied 5-20 minutes before racing (the longer the better) and dabbing off any excess before hitting the track. We recommend using our Clear Tonic prep activator prior to applying Pink but is not necessary.


    • RED – MOST Popular - Papa Willy’s Strawberry Red Traxion Tonicis a rubber tire prep specifically formulated for those Dry-Slick, hard to get a hold of surfaces where drivability and consistency win races. With a hint of strawberry scent, the Red Tonic sees podiums throughout the country on high-bite and loose-dirt applications.

    To use: Apply Papa Willy’s Strawberry Red directly to clean tires. May be applied directly before racing but works best when allowed to “dry-in”. We recommend applying at least 5 minutes before racing.


    • GOLD - Papa Willy’s Golden Grape Traxion Tonicis a rubber tire prep designed for moist, high bite tracks that can take all the traction your car can produce. Our Factory Drivers have found this Tonic to work extremely well on an Ozite Track (Carpet Oval Racing). With a sweet grape scent, the Gold Tonic is a consistent A-Main podium finisher on loose dirt, high bite dirt ovals and carpet tracks across the United States.


    To use: Apply Papa Willy’s Golden Grape directly to clean tires. May be applied directly before racing but works best when allowed to “dry-in”. We recommend applying at least 5 minutes before racing. Foam Tire: Apply Papa Willy’s Golden Grape directly to the foam tires. May be applied directly before racing. Before the Race use a towel to remove any extra tonic to leave the tire Dry. We recommend applying at least 10 minutes before racing.

    • GREEN - The inspiration for Papa Willy’s Green Apple Tonicwas originally for use on spec tires such as Mudboss stock Slash spec tires and was going to be called “Boss Sauce”; however, reports are rolling in that the Green Tonic is a beast on very dry, loose dirt on race compound tires. With a hint of fresh green apples, Papa Willy’s Green is our most aggressive Tonic in our current lineup.

    NOTE – GREEN, in controlled lab results, has weakened and softened rubber tires to a point where they can be torn with bare hands. Use cautiously and conservatively on Race Tires. **Please note – due to the great demand for the product Papa Willys is bringing it to market early. Test results are still coming in. If you are unsure of which Tonic would work best for you feel free to message through Papa Willy’s Facebook page.

    To use as Boss Sauce:
    Because most spec tires are composed of harder rubber we recommend a series of prepping and bagging the tires wet with our Green Tonic 3 to 4 days in a row prior to race day. Then, while at the track apply the Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic of your choice to clean tires 5-20 minutes before the next run.

    To use for Race Tires:
    Papa Willy’s Green Tonic dries faster than our Gold or Red Tonics, so it’s favorable to apply the Green Tonic to clean tires 1-5 minutes prior to the next run.


    • CLEAR - The Clear Tonic was developed to be used as a prep activator, by letting the rubber open and allow the Traxion Tonic of your choice to go deeper into the carcass of the tire. This allows new tires to come in faster and allows older tires to mature with age.

    To use as Prep Activator: Apply generously to tires 1-5 minutes before applying your favorite Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic. PW Clear dries in extremely fast, allowing the prep to go deeper into the tire for even longer lasting, more consistent runs.

    To use for new tire break-in: After scuffing in tires, apply Papa Willy’s Clear Tonic evenly to the tires. After drying, apply your Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic of choice and bag the tires wet.

    To use as tire prep: Apply Papa Willy’s Clear as you would any other Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic IMMEDIATELY before running. Papa Willy’s Clear dries extremely fast. Although Clear was never intended as a tire prep, some racers have found success using it as a stand-alone prep during our pre-release testing.

Click HERE to see the latest info from Papa Willy's.

Have fun at the track!


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