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Lubrication of R3, R4 & R5 Motors

Lubrication of R3, R4 & R5 Motors

Mark Fulton |

Lubrication of all bearing parts are necessary for best life and performance. Brushless motors require the same care.
  • Both the R3 and R4 motors are easily lubricated with a little disassembly. Metal bearings should be lubed every six race weekends or so. Ceramic bearings should be lubricated twice as often. Again when you lubricate, use the minimum amount of lube!
In the pictures attached you will see how to do this on all R3 and R4 motors:


(1) Record the advance of the motor (the bright arrow pointing at 30). Just remember the number under the pointer as this is the timing set for this particular motor.
R3 R4 Timing End of Motor
(2) Loosen and remove the three black screws (see above). The screws require a 1.5mm hex wrench. Gently pry off the orange cover with your finger nail. Using a very light machine oil (or Team Power Products motor lube) in a small tip dispensing bottle, apply 1/2 drop as shown below.
R3 R4 Timing Cover removed and Lubrication
(3) Pic 3 below: Put the orange cover back on the motor, and install/tighten the three black screws AFTER you put the pointer back to to same number (see first picture above). These screws should be firmly tightened by hand.
Apply a 1/2 drop on the other end of the motor and you are done!


  • The R5 series is easier as the timing side bearing has an inspection hole in the standard edition on the timing end cover. If you have the 'Dirt Cover' option, then use the R3 & R4 steps for timing end bearing lube.

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