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iCharger Issues

iCharger Issues

Mark Fulton |

I occasionally look at an iCharger with a 'dead' channel for a user. In most cases, the fuse soldered to the circuit board opened due to a bad connection or a bad LiPo causing an issue.
But where to find them? I have sourced them from Mouser Electronics in the past but are available at most large electronic components stores online. Search for 'non-reset-able surface mount fuse'. Typically, they are rated at 15a.
The picture shows a typical fuse. It is about 6mm long and 2.3mm wide.


Paul, generally this happens with older packs: the cells are just too out of whack to ever balance. If you also have issues with new packs, change your connector (I assume you are using bullets) to the pack and fix any part of the charging cable which looks wrong (resolder joints if applicable). I have seen this to be all that is needed to fix. I also assume you have the right battery type selected also.

If this is not the issue (using a new cable for example), then there may be settings issues. If they are all default, then there is a small possibility there is an electronics issue,; you will need to send it back as I do not have the equipment or expertise to fix it.

Mark A Fulton,

I’m having an issue with my Icharger 306.having a problem with the batteries balancing while discharging and charging. Any ideas?


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