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Mark Fulton |

Team Power Products is a small RC performance company, and part of my many hours is thinking about how to make something better or something new to grow the product line. Most times it is two steps forward and one back!

Thankfully I have great resources who give me many ideas and critiques of how to do processes better or what update to a product would be beneficial, such as James Brown, Nathan Dean, and Arnie Fie (James and Nathan left to right respectively in picture). And these racers, besides being friends, can be very blunt about what I need to work on such as 'captain, we need more power' (to paraphrase some old TV script) or 'you could have made that product label better', to name a few.

But what they do most of all is teach me how things really work, and insight to better processes. Very valuable to have such knowledgeable friends. And I appreciate what they share to make my stuff better!

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