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Customer Appreciation Sales

Customer Appreciation Sales

Mark Fulton |

I appreciate the many loyal customers I have had the last 4+ years. I never expected to sell more than a few motors a month and but it has turned into full time job for me now thanks to those customers!
I you had been on the list this month of December you could have participated early in two different specials, making sure to get the exact setup you want (I will reset the email list participants again this January). I will release these specials to the general public soon.
For you to qualify for these sales, I do need assistance from you.
Here is how it works:
  1. Buy $50 worth of merchandise every calendar year. It can be all at once or several small purchases.
  2. Subscribe and setup account with valid email address at teampowerproducts.com and enable permissions to allow me to send notices to you (you can opt out at anytime).
  3. Log into this same account every time you buy something (email address), so the system can track your purchase amounts.
  4. All sales are for end users. No dealers or team members.
    Again I appreciate all the customers these past four+ years, good luck with your racing program!

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