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Bob 'Bullet' Light has passed away.

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A little help...

A little help...

Mark Fulton |

It has been about a month since the 2020 RC Chili Bowl and honestly, it seems like just last week. The shop is back to normal, and working on new stuff for 2020. Details for that will come later!
But I would be remiss if I did not give a BIG thanks to two individuals who make the trip to the Chili Bowl possible.
Robert Jones does so much to ease the burden of getting there, a big help while there, and then getting the stuff back to Oklahoma City. There is not a harder worker, or a more trustworthy individual. Thank you, Robert, for your outstanding effort.
James Brown was in the zone this year in doing many things, and most of all, being a guiding hand for many racers in their quest to find the setup to make their car easier to drive. James is a great representative for Team Power Products, making my job easy through James' guidance and his help for any who ask for it. James, I appreciate all that you do without being asked, a hard worker, and another genuinely trustworthy individual.

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